Friday, May 11, 2012

Arctic - red alert!


gerald spezio said...

Did Descartes
With the thought
"Therefore I'm not"?

Unknown said...

I addressed this in my talk lastr year entitled Remaining Conscious in Tumultuous Times. Suggest you check iy out.
John James

Sam Carana said...

Good talk, John, thanks for commenting.

Unknown said...

Runaway started already?

I send reply to Nasa's article that says methane is not from fossil fuel burning:

Could you verify that current elevation for non-fossil fuel methane is not from tundra or from seabeds methane hydrates? You should get sample from those (Cage mission is already there) and make sure their isotope concentration is not the same as current event. There are also bigger concentrations of methane (satellite observations) in arctic than in other places on earth. These 2 combined may mean that runaway leaking from tundra/hydrates is already triggered. Please verify that I'm wrong in this case, because shit may have hit the fan and keeps hitting if I'm right.

Nasa article: