3 August 2012
Year 2012 set to break all records

19 Jul
Arctic Methane Emergency Group (AMEG) - Food security threatened by sea ice loss

14 Jul
Runaway global warming

14 Jul
Extreme weather - how extreme will it get?

10 Jul
Further evidence by Arctic Methane Emergency Group published by U.K EAC
with comments at AMEG blog

7 Jul
Albedo change in the Arctic

5 Jul
PlanetSolar - solar-powered ship circumnavigates the globe

2 Jul
Arctic waters are heating up - view animation -

30 Jun
Earth on Fire - see maps of heat wave, wildfires and temperatures

27 Jun
AMEG, the Arctic Methane Emergency Group, gave a presentation in London on June 16, 2012 - watch the video! -

27 Jun
When the sea ice is gone - predictions of what will happen -

22 Jun
Fires are raging again across Russia

19 Jun
Connie Hedegaard ‏@CHedegaardEU
#rioplus20 telling that nobody in that room adopting the text was happy. That's how weak it is. And they all knew. Disappointing #Rio20
Retweeted by Sam Carana

18 Jun
Arctic Methane Emergency Group (AMEG) presentation on the Arctic, at Campaign against Climate Change (CaCC), in London

18 Jun
Arctic sea ice area falling rapidly

18 Jun
Energy policy … World govs spend about $1 trillion on fossil fuel subsidies.

18 June 2012
ArcticMethaneGroup ‏@AMEGGroup …: ... Retweeted by Sam Carana

14 Jun
Why act now, and how?

12 Jun
Plan of action to comprehensively deal with climate change, with a diagram of possible Arctic Geoengineering methods

10 Jun
Arctic sea ice volume on track to reach zero around 2015

22 May
Message from AMEG, the Arctic Methane Emergency Group

20 May
The potential impact of large abrupt release of methane in the Arctic

15 May
Abrupt Local Warming

11 May
Poster to print out and hang up - Arctic - red alert!

How much time is there left to act? Abrupt release of 1Gt of methane in the Arctic can trigger runaway global warming
6 May

Spring comes early
2 May

Barrow, Alaska, is showing methane levels of up to 2500 ppm, see post at
2 May

Supplementary evidence by Prof. Peter Wadhams to the U.K. Environmental Audit Committee on the situation in the Arctic
29 Apr

Message to the Survivors | Gather
March 21 2012

Arctic radiation animation - could this be an indication of methane releases in the Arctic?
25 Feb 2012

The Arctic has had over 20 degrees Celsius temperature anomalies since end 2011, centering around 60deg N latitude.
16 Feb

Methane venting in the Arctic
12 Feb

January 2012 shows record levels of methane in the Arctic

Position paper on geo-engineering by Sam Carana 

Rebuttal by Gary Houser: David Archer is wrong to dismiss concern about potential methane runaway in the Arctic 

Can we capture methane from the Arctic seabed? - by Prof. Stephen Salter 

An agreement has been reached by countries at the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa.

Animations on the situation in the Arctic at
and on temperature anomalies at
20 Nov 2011

Combining Policy and Technology - Proposals to most effectively shift towards a more sustainable economy
15 Nov 2011

Oxygenating the Arctic: A project to bring oxygen to the Arctic, as part of efforts to avoid runaway global warming
10 Nov

Can Connie Hedegaard, Europe's climate commissioner, clean up aviation? 

Ten Dangers of Global Warming
23 Oct

SAM CARANA: Thermal expansion of the Earth's crust necessitates geo-engineering
7 Oct

James Hansen: "If we stay on with business as usual, the southern U.S. will become almost uninhabitable." See comment:

NEW SCIENTIST: "Political backlash to geoengineering begins" by Geo Engineering ‏ @geoengineering
Retweeted by Sam Carana
4 Oct

The earlier-observed free fall of ice extent must have been a glitch in the system, as things look more steady now at
1 Oct

Arctic sea ice extent appears to be in free fall - see added adapted image from:
27 Sep

CO2 emissions from fossil fuel and cement reached a record 33Gt in 2010, which calls for feebates. See new comment at
26 Sep

Carbon-negative technologies
Geo-engineering: Carbon-negative technologies
23 Sep

Fake floating islands help clean up ponds
16 Sep

The 2039 Arctic Methane Hydrate Induced Atmospheric Heat Wave Catastrophe 

Hope Mine cleanup demonstrates power of biochar | The Colorado Independent
13 Sep

The risk that earthquakes will cause runaway warming is unacceptable
4 Sep

Kyushu University in Japan has developed a wind lens for wind turbines that can increase output by 2 to 5 times
31 Aug

A magnitude 5.8 earthquake just rattled Washington DC - Do you think global warming increases the risk of earthquakes?
24 Aug

Margot Kidder (Lois Lane in 4 Superman movies) & Tantoo Cardinal (Dances with Wolves) arrested at White House protests
24 Aug

Stop the Pipeline! In total, 162 people arrested since protests started at White House fence. View photos at:
23 Aug

Sit-ins have started to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline and 70+ people have been arrested at the White House fence.
21 Aug

David Wasdell warns that it will soon become too expensive to avoid runaway global warming - see recent comment at
20 Aug

Olaf Schuiling proposes rock grinding
to combat global warming and to help food and water supply
17 Aug

When will Arctic waters be ice-free?
17 Aug

Stop the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline - action in Washington DC from August 20th to September 3rd
3 Aug

James Hansen paper on renewables at
See recent comments by Sam Carana at
and at
31 Jul

280ppm now a page at Facebook - I invite you to like it at
28 Jul

280 ppm - two feebates to separately, yet complimentary, get emissions cut 80% by 2020 and CO2 on the way back to 280ppm
24 Jul

Feebates - The Most Effective Way to Accomplish Desired Shifts
15 Jul

Feebates in the picture - reduce emissions most effectively with minimal leakage and introduced in a budget-neutral way
Policy option: Feebates | Gather
13 Jul

Vehicle To Home (V2H) - Electric cars to power homes
9 Jul

Sierra Club Statement of Support for Efforts to Advance Plug-In Electric Vehicles in the US
8 Jul

Democratizing the Electricity System | Energy Self Reliant States… via @johnffarrell
8 Jul

14 smart houses in Toyota City, Japan, will get option of V2H (electricity from vehicle to home) - see recent comment at
6 Jul 2011

All-electric airplane sets new speed record of 175.8 miles per hour
6 Jul 2011

The Siemens Electric Bus Rapid Transit system
4 Jul

Lester Brown - new book: World on the Edge: How to Prevent Environmental and Economic Collapse
1 Jul

The National Academies issues transport policy report
Transport Policy - The National Academies | Gather
26 Jun

Solar is Ready Now: ‘Ferocious Cost Reductions’ Make Solar PV Competitive
via @thinkprogress
12 Jun

Global warming crisis may mean world has to suck greenhouse...
10 June

Terrifying prospect - methane covers the Arctic in heat-trapping blanket and moves our biosphere beyond boiling point…
10 Jun

James Hansen: Keystone pipeline may bring 800,000 barrels Canadian tar sand oil to US daily
Comment at (U.S. Department of State)
5 Jun

Rather than a tipping point, a boiling point analogy more appropriately describes the Arctic methane releases risk
5 Jun

Silence before the storm - Earth at boiling point - Arctic methane releases
4 Jun

The terrifying prospect is that global warming will move Earth's biosphere beyond its boiling point.
3 Jun

2010 emission worst ever
31 May

BIOMASS - 10 ways to use biomass waste, compared for energy potential and climate change footprint.
29 May

What if everything ran on gas? Watch this ad for the Nissan LEAF! Nissan has reopened reservations
28 May

Rap video by climate scientists goes viral
I'm A Climate Scientist | Gather
21 May

To help genuinely clean energy, feebates would be better than Obama's proposed Clean Energy Standard
Clean Energy Standard? | Gather
5 May

Carbon-negative building can be achieved in a number of ways
4 May

Emissions caused by natural gas can be worse than coal, especially when looked at over 20-year period. See comment
Comment under: How would you allocate US$10 million per year to most reduce climate risk?
26 Apr

To reduce abrupt climate risk, model airplanes can navigate the Arctic, to ignite or break down methane releases
How would you allocate US$10 million per year... | Gather
19 Apr

NRG starts installing charging stations in cities in Texas and plans to electrify the Interstate 45 corridor.
10 Apr

Runaway Global Warming | Gather
10 Apr

What needs to be worked out most urgently is an action plan to deal with climate change - please contribute at
27 Mar

Earth Hour - Saturday March 26, 2011, 8.30pm - Switch off your lights for 60 minutes
21 Mar

EPA announces standard for emissions from power plants of mercury, arsenic, chromium, nickel and acid gases.
Comment at: Power plant emissions unlawful | Gather
17 Mar

Four reactors damaged at Fukushima nuclear power plant
Japan faces Nuclear Meltdown? | Gather
16 Mar

Second explosion at Fukushima nuclear power plant
Japan faces Nuclear Meltdown? | Gather
14 Mar

A magnitude-8.9 earthquake followed by a tsunami has made Japan face the possibility of nuclear meltdown
Japan faces Nuclear Meltdown? | Gather
12 Mar

Arctic sea-ice extent February 2011 - lowest on record since Satellite monitoring began
Comment at: 2011 starts with lowest Arctic sea ice extent... | Gather
7 Mar

climateprogress Climate Progress
Life-cycle study: Accounting for total harm from coal would add "close to 17.8¢/kWh of electricity generated"
17 Feb

Republicans reject budget cuts!!!
6 Mar

America can win the clean energy race
Feb 16

Senator Debbie Stabenow introduces bill to transform EV tax credits into rebates, but feebates would be even better
1 million electric vehicles on the road by 2015 | Gather
9 Feb

Feedbacks accelerate Arctic sea ice loss - new study points at feedbacks between the Arctic Ocean, ice and atmosphere
Comment at: 2011 starts with lowest Arctic sea ice extent... | Gather
30 Jan

Fees on unhealthy food & drinks make sense; revenues should be used to help our health & the Planet's health
Comment at: Fees on Livestock to fund Biochar | Gather
28 Jan

Burning coal triggered great die-off 250 million years ago, killing 96% sea species & 70% land-based vertebrates
Comment at: 2011 starts with lowest Arctic sea ice extent... | Gather
27 Jan

Reinventing the wheel
25 Jan

Politicians, scientists, environmental leaders & activists: back Action Plan calling for 80% emissions cut by 2020 Jan

WMO: year 2010 was the warmest year on record - see post and comments at
Comment at: 2011 starts with lowest Arctic sea ice extent... | Gather
21 Jan

Tesla CEO: Model X SUV to Be Unveiled in 2011, $30K Car in 4 Years… via @earth2tech
21 Jan

Global Warming Action Plan - Gather:
Global Warming Action Plan | Gather
& Blogger:
Geo-engineering: Global Warming Action Plan
- change it:
17 Jan

DavidKGather David K
[UPDATED] Exposing Climate Denialism - A Guide to Tactics and Tall Tales…
16 Jan

PeterGleick Peter Gleick
The graph:2010 hottest year in the hottest decade on record.
Should be on the front page of every newspaper. Will it?
14 Jan

Feedback of Arctic melting could make large parts of Earth too hot to live in
We need a plan
13 Jan

Artic ice loss could trigger feedback causing runaway global warming. Is geoengineering inevitable? Your view?
Comment at: 2011 starts with lowest Arctic sea ice extent... | Gather
13 Jan

Arctic sea ice shows lowest extent on record for this time of the year - 12,321,719 square kms, as at Jan. 9, 2011
2011 starts with lowest Arctic sea ice extent... | Gather
10 Jan 2011

STUDY: we've added enough carbon in oceans for West Antarctic ice sheet to collapse, we've passed tipping point
Comment at: 2011 starts with lowest Arctic sea ice extent... | Gather
10 Jan 2011

2011 starts with lowest Arctic sea ice extent on record - - Global Warming Action Plan
9 Jan 2011

We want EVs now! - a knol by Sam Carana
9 January 2011 

2011 starts with lowest Arctic sea ice extent on record - the risk is runaway Arctic warming that goes global
7 Jan 2011

Transport troubles due to oil can be resolved by electrifying transport - put this post's code onto your blog Dec 2010

Holiday reading - 100 posts by Sam Carana on climate and energy policy
31 Dec 2010

Ten reasons why America can win the clean energy race
30 Dec 2010

Seoul started operating electric buses and plans for 120,000 EVs by 2020, incl half its public transport vehicles.

Heavyweight Electric Vehicles | Gather
30 Dec 2010

Smith Electric Vehicles US buys British partner for $15 million. Parent company Tanfield keeps 49% of unified company.
Heavyweight Electric Vehicles | Gather
27 Dec

EPA announces action on emissions by fossil fuel power plants and petroleum refineries
24 Dec

Obama signs tax package that extends Bush-style politics and is another missed opportunity to get energy right
Tax package - another missed opportunity to get... | Gather
18 Dec

BlueCar will supply 3000 electric cars to Autolib, Paris' electric car rental program.
Electric Vehicles for hire in Paris | Gather
Electric Vehicles for hire in Paris | Gather
18 Dec

Myths about electric vehicles
15 Dec

CancĂșn hangs on to the ineffective Kyoto model. Instead, feebates would be more effective
12 Dec

Blackened Pork: Liquid Coal Subsidies Sneak into Senate Tax Bill : Wildlife Promise… via @nwf
11 Dec

Revenge of the Electric Car - film/documentary directed by Chris Paine (Who Killed the Electric Car?)
11 Dec

Gasoline cars off the roads by 2030!
8 Dec

More Electric Vehicles on the way, as described in
which is part of the post
Ten most Electrifying Transport Ideas
5 Dec

A rise of 1°C per decade could trigger a compost bomb, releasing huge amounts of greenhouse gases from peatlands
Comment at: Global Warming - Red Alert! | Gather
3 Dec

Climate Change Action Plan by Sam Carana, with links to over 90 posts with further action details
2 Dec

Popular posts by Sam Carana on global warming
Posts with over 1000 views at Gather
Posts by Sam Carana at Gather
2 Dec

Repower America has just announced the 2010 Snake Oil Award for the dirtiest opponent of clean energy.
21 Oct

Bioasphalt® - Biomass pyrolysis can produce bio-oil for making renewable asphalt that also saves energy and money
9 Oct

Windrotator supplies power to charge your EV battery and power your home - for backyard use or to take on a camping trip
Windrotator - thumbs up for micropower!
3 Oct

Renewable Electricity Promotion Act of 2010 introduced into the Senate by Senator Bingaman
2 Oct

How deal with global warming in 10 words? Feebates, particularly fees on combustion funding local clean energy rebates
Your Vision in Ten Words or Less | Gather
15 Sep

Cooling through irrigation can exceed greenhouse gas impact. The Indus Basin may be cooled by up to 3° C (5.4° F)
Comment at: Combat Global Warming with Evaporative Cooling | Gather
9 Sep

President Obama announces $50 billion transport infrastructure investment
7 Sep

EPA and DOT have released proposals - What details do you think should be on vehicle labels? Add your comment at
What details should be on vehicle labels? | Gather Aug

sustainablⓔconomy - a page at Facebook
SustainablEconomy | Facebook
30 Aug
The circled e | Gather
30 Aug

Joe Biden: US on track to cut cost of solar power in half between by 2015 and double renewable energy by 2012
Four innovation breakthroughs thanks to... | Gather
28 Aug

The Copenhagen Wheel stores energy from braking and uses the electricity again to assist the driver when needed
The Copenhagen Wheel for Bicycles | Gather
25 Aug

If you write something in support of solutions that help a sustainable economy, add the circled e symbol and link it
The circled e | Gather
25 Aug

Sun Catalytix plans for cheap home electrolyzers that can use surplus power to make hydrogen from waste water
Breakthroughs open door to Hydrogen Economy | Gather
24 Aug

Multi-speed gearbox without clutch can extend EV range and battery life by up to 10% - see recent comment underneath
Obama: Cost of EV batteries to come down soon
21 Aug

The Copenhagen Accord is disappointing and the Kyoto Treaty will expire in 2012. So, let's renew the Kyoto Treaty!
Recommendations to deal with global warming | Gather
Beyond Kyoto | Gather
19 Aug

Here's an action plan with 14 recommendations on dealing with global warming, including a renewed Kyoto treaty
Recommendations to deal with global warming | Gather
Recommendations to deal with global warming | Gather
17 Aug

Superb Grid | Gather
16 Aug

San Francisco parking meter prices respond to demand Aug

Electric race car will go for speed record on Saturday Sept 14th at the Salt Flats during Bonneville Speed Week
13 Aug

Green Building Feebate | Gather
13 Aug 
13 Aug

Gas fees should be firmly linked to clean energy | Gather
13 Aug

An 80% cut in emissions can be achieved by 2020 through feebates, incl. biochar rebates - see recent comment under
11 Aug

We can make an 80% cut in emissions and get rid of fossil fuel altogether within a decade - see recent comment under
23 Jul

Senate Majority Leader Reid calls off climate bill effort in Senate
Also see discussion under
Four Principles for Comprehensive Climate and... | Gather
23 Jul

12 Senators submit four principles for comprehensive climate & energy legislation to Senate Majority Leader Reid
Four Principles for Comprehensive Climate and... | Gather
22 Jul

Clean Energy Ministerial - ministers from 24 governments launch 11 initiatives to help global shift to clean energy
Clean Energy Ministerial | Gather
21 Jul

Algae bags convert sewage and CO2 into biofuels, biochar & fertilizer, without competing for land, fertilizer & water
18 Jul

NOAA: June 2010 Arctic sea ice was lowest June extent on record. Globally, June was warmest on record. See new comment
Arctic Sea Ice Falls Below 2007 Low | Gather
17 Jul

President Obama: Cost of EV batteries to come down by nearly 70% in the next few years
16 Jul

Western Hudson Bay polar bears may die out in as little as 25 to 30 years, or even a decade; see recent comment at
US Government: polar bear is a threatened species | Gather
16 Jul

Key to Action on Climate Change: Obama locks up the Senate until they have effective climate change legislation
14 Jul

bernardusmettes Bernardus Mettes
Electric vehicles help wind turbines by using their excess energy and feeding it into the grid during peak demand
11 Jul

Heat waves becoming more common - Stanford University study Jul 2010

Have you already seen the Electric Helicopter?
8 Jul

A framework of feebates - the key to a sustainable economy
8 Jul

AIR CAPTURE OF CO2 is essential to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide levels
8 Jul

Solar Impulse made it through the night, staying aloft for a record 24 hours. The solar plane now prepares to land
8 Jul 2010

Sea Ice Loss Stuns Scientists
26 Jun 10

Kevin Rudd no longer Australia's Prime Minister - warning for Obama to show leadership on a climate and energy act
Australia's Kevin Rudd's fall warning for Obama | Gather
24 Jun 10

ClimateTF Climate Task Force
Glimpse of America’s Energy Future Requires Change of Course to Avoid Carbon Market Nightmare « ClimateTF #green #climate
23 Jun 10

Europe's ETS Failures Forecast Problems For US Cap-And-Trade
23 Jun 10

EPA issues analysis of American Power Act - sees no dramatic increases in cost for consumers. See recent comment at
18 Jun 10

NOAA: May was warmest on record. NSIDC: sea ice remains below 2007 record low. See recent comment by Sam Carana at
18 Jun 10

In his Oval Office speech today, does Obama show leadership on the transition away from fossil fuels?
Does Obama show leadership on the transition away from fossil fuels? | Gather
16 Jun 10

Lugar Practical Energy and Climate Plan uses feebate and standards, instead of transport fuel fees or emission allowances
8 Jun 10

bernardusmettes Bernardus Mettes
High Speed Rail as a substitute for Air Travel in Australia
6 Jun 2010

DavidKGather David K
UK Royal Society set to reaffirm and strengthen global warming position.. | Gather: via @addthis
1 Jun 10

DavidKGather David K
The End of Fossil Fuel... | Gather: via @addthis
31 May 10

The Electric Drive Vehicle Deployment Act of 2010
29 May 10

Arctic sea ice falls below 2007 record low. See recent comment at
26 May 10

#ev1000 Electric car drives over 1,000 km (623 miles) on single charge
24 May 10

U.S. National Academy of Sciences report on global warming fails to properly analyze policy alternatives - See comment at
24 May 10

Toyota buys $50 million of Tesla’s stock - Tesla buys Toyota's factory in Fremont, California - see new comments under
21 May 10

Toyota to launch electric car, V2G, V2H
21 May 2010

Cheap electric cars | Gather
21 May 2010

RogerBerliner Roger Berliner
by SamCarana
Polluters should pay to clean up after themselves, not taxpayers. You can read the fact sheet here:
20 May 10

American Power Act should impose fees on polluting products to fund local rebates on clean energy and EV-parts
18 May 10

Kerry and Lieberman introduce the American Power Act in the Senate
13 May 10

DavidKGather David K
Climate Truth 2: What is the Greenhouse Effect... | Gather:
via @addthis
9 May 10

The Electric Helicopter | Gather
28 April 2010

Earth Day -
22 Apr 10

We want EVs now!
21 Apr 10

No reasons to postpone a rapid shift to EVs
17 Apr 10

Electra One, contender for Green Flight Challenge $1.65 million Prize now on display at Aero 2010, Germany
Green Flight Challenge
11 Apr 10

Solar plane flies at 5,500 feet (1,676 meters) height, at 30 knots speed. See most recent comment under
Solar Impulse makes its maiden flight

First Solar joins Desertec, the solar and wind energy plan for Europe, North Africa and the Middle East
17 Mar 10

Any ideas for carbon-negative building? Please post suggestion at
Carbon-negative building | Gather
17 Mar 10

Los Angeles introduces Carbon Reduction Surcharge linked to Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency
17 Mar 10

Cap-and-trade is dead - new proposal includes fees Mar 10

Obama announces Homestar Energy Efficiency Retrofit Program
8 Mar 10

What's the risk of runaway global warming?
6 Mar 10

FAO report calls for a more responsible livestock sector - what do you think?
2 Mar 10

Bloom Box - power plant in a box
28 Feb 10

New device destroys viruses and bacteria
22 Feb 10

Rising methane in the Arctic raises concerns about runaway global warming
22 Feb 10

Tower Skin fits photovoltaic cocoon around buildings
22 Feb 10

The IPCC should look at geoengineering to deal with possible methane releases from melting permafrost and clathrates
21 Feb 10

Methane may persist longer in the Arctic, further amplifying local warming - see comments under
19 Feb 10

In case you were confused, global warming is real!
10 Feb 10

Carbon battery could double as vehicle bodywork - see
7 Feb 10

32 GW of wind power to be delivered in the UK by 2020, equal to a quarter of the UK’s electricity needs by 2020
4 Jan 2010

Global warming action - discussing alternatives | Gather
31 December 2009

Read more about biochar at
28 Dec 2009

Space Hose proposed to combat global warming
28 Dec 09

We CAN change the world - best wishes for 2010 from Sam Carana
26 Dec 09

Holiday reading - posts by Sam Carana
More by Sam Carana - 24 December 2009 | Gather
24 Dec 09

Copenhagen Accord - full text and discussion
20 Dec 09

Bill to electrify Postal Vehicles introduced
Postal Electric Vehicles
18 Dec 09

Sustainable Energy Plan in Scientific American - discussion by Sam Carana at the Save the Planet group
15 Dec 09

Survival of Tibetan Glaciers - by James Hansen
15 Dec 09

Carnegie starts work on a 5 MW CETO wave energy facility near Garden Island off Perth, Australia
CETO Wave Power combined with Desalination
14 Dec 09

Sanyo Solar Vehicle and eneloop bikes feature at Eco Products 2009 International Exhibition at Tokyo Big Sight Dec 09

As UK Met Office figures show, this century's 1st decade was warmest on instrumental record - see new comment at
Global Warming - Red Alert!
9 Dec 09

EPA rules that greenhouse gases constitute a threat - see comment under
Green Refrigerators and Air Conditioners | Gather
8 Dec 09

Solar Impulse makes its maiden flight
6 Dec 09

Electrifying Transport Ideas - a knol by Sam Carana
30 November 2009

Sam Carana | Gather
24 November 2009

Collection of posts by Sam Carana
More by Sam Carana | Gather
24 Nov 09

An 80% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, is this possible?
An 80% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 | Gather
23 Nov 09

Cheap electric cars - part 2 | Gather
23 November 2009

Target 2020 | Gather
23 November 2009

Proposals to change Montreal Protocol to phase out hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) fail. See recent comment at
Green Refrigerators and Air Conditioners | Gather
22 Nov 09

New refrigerant has global warming potential of 4, compared to 1,430 for HFCs used in car A/C. See recent comment at
Green Refrigerators and Air Conditioners | Gather
22 Nov 09

World on course for catastrophic 6°C rise by end of century. CO2 from burning fossil fuel rose 41% from 1990.
Global Warming - Red Alert!
19 Nov 09

Five Electrifying Transport Ideas
Five Electrifying Transport Ideas | Gather
17 Nov 09

Arctic sea ice remains well below 2007 record low - see comment underneath post at
Arctic Sea Ice Falls Below 2007 Low | Gather
16 Nov 09

Global Warming Action Plan
Global Warming Action Plan - a knol by Sam Carana
10 Nov 09

Methane now persists longer in atmosphere, as emissions have caused a decrease in hydroxyl - see recent comment at
Global Warming - Red Alert!
8 Nov 09

Electric cars can recharge for free at UK shopping malls - see comments underneath:
Ontario Green Vehicle Rebate C$10,000.- | Gather
8 Nov 09

Arctic sea ice falls below 2007 level - for a second time in 2009 - see comment underneath post at
Arctic Sea Ice Falls Below 2007 Low | Gather 
7 Nov 09

Fees on Livestock to fund Biochar
6 Nov 09

Green GT electric race car wants to swap battery packs during pit stops
26 Oct 09

Proposal to designate critical habitat announced for the polar bear - see recent comment under
US Government: polar bear is a threatened species | Gather
26 Oct 09

Funding of Carbon Air Capture - a knol by Sam Carana
22 October 2009

Roof tiles that change color with temperature
Roof tiles that change color with temperature | Gather
12 Oct 09

Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize for his vision of a world without nuclear weapons and his leadership on climate change
Setting the record straight on energy | Gather
10 Oct 09

Electric Vehicles - Frequently Asked Questions
12 October 2009

France plans to spend big on electric cars, batteries and infrastructure. See recent comment on EV incentives, at
Ontario Green Vehicle Rebate C$10,000.- | Gather
1 Oct 09

Met Office: without action, a 7.2°F (4°C) rise will be reached by 2070, possibly by 2060. See new comment at
Global Warming - Red Alert!
30 Sep 09

V2G - Recharge an electric vehicle at night - resell surplus power to the grid at peak time - you could earn $1500 a year
V2G - Vehicle to Grid | Gather
28 Sep 09

Setting the record straight on energy | Gather
27 September 2009

UN seeks a world without nuclear weapons. G-20 nations agree to phase out $300 billion of fossil fuel subsidies -
26 Sep 09

Added further paragraphs underneath the article afforestation - bringing life into the deserts 
Afforestation - bringing life into the deserts | Gather
24 Sep 09

Afforestation - bringing life into the deserts | Gather Sep 09

First Solar to build 2-gigawatt solar power plant in China -
20 Sep 09

Michelin Active Wheel integrates brake, electric vehicle drive motor and suspension motor, all inside the wheel
20 Sep 09

Sam Carana's 100 most viewed posts
15 Sep 09

Green Cars shine at the Frankfurt Motor Show
14 Sep 09

Carbon Tax gains ground in Europe
11 Sep 09

Electric Vehicles - Frequently Asked Questions
22 Aug 09

Here are some of my favorite groups at Gather
14 Aug 09

Target 2020 - What targets should be set in Copenhagen? What policies should be adopted? Article now also at KNOL
8 Aug 09

Target 2020 - what targets should be set? What policies should be adopted in response to climate change?
7 Aug 09

The Nissan LEAF EV - a zero-emission car with a 24kWh lithium-ion battery that can give it a range of over 100 miles
2 Aug 09

The e-Spyder Electric Ultralight Plane
22 Jul 09

Who (almost) killed the Hydrogen Car?
22 Jul 09

Ontario is introducing a Green Vehicle Rebate of up to C$10,000.-
17 Jul 09

How to stimulate BIOCHAR
14 Jul 09

5 feebates facilitating the shift towards a sustainable economy
14 Jul 09

NEW ARTICLE: Towards a Sustainable Economy - with diagram showing recommended feebates
14 Jul 09

The Electric Ford F-150 Truck, 4x4 electric drive with in-wheel motors, 600 horsepower, read more at:
7 Jul 09

June 10, 2009 - Arctic Sea Ice Falls Below 2007 Low. -
14 Jun 09

The Subaru Stella electric car, on sale in Japan from July 2009.
7 Jun 09

What will power your next car? Gasoline, biofuel or electricity? In case it's electricity, will it come from renewables?
28 May 09

U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee approves Emissions Bill - Will it be enough? - Will it work?
22 May 09

CO2 air capture is essential. It should be helped by fees on conventional jet fuel. The CO2 could then go into algae bags.
6 May 09

Just published article: Algae Bags
1 May 09

Open Letter to Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate, calling for a more comprehensive approach to climate change
21 Apr 09

Prepared submission for Quintessence to the Australian Senate Inquiry into climate change policies such as cap-and-trade
19 Apr 09

Movie Review: The Age of Stupid
11 Apr 09

The Segway PUMA - Personal Urban Mobility & Accessibility Vehicle
10 Apr 09

I just published a new article: A Global Treaty banning all Weapons of Mass Murder - please post a comment, at
4 Apr 09

President Obama Announces $2.4 Billion in Funding to Support Next Generation Electric Vehicles
21 Mar 09

Open letter to Dr Pachauri, IPCC Chair, drawing attention on geoengineering ways to reflect more sunlight back into space.
11 Mar 2009

added edited image of The World at 4 Degrees Warmer 
underneath 'Global Warming - Red Alert'
9 Mar 09

First Solar take over 550MW Solar Farm
6 Mar 09

Problems with global cap-and-trade
25 Feb 09

Published: Global Warming - Red Alert! 

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